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If your user has an oauth account linked, Zipline will attempt to check if the user's access_token's are still valid. If they are invalid, they will return a

, tough there is an error message in the response. Only discord and google support refresh tokens, so their token checking is seamless and will not cause a refresh unless it fails.


"error": "oauth token expired",
"redirect_uri": "<redirect uri for oauth provider>"

Get user information


Returns a user object.

Edit user information

Body (JSON)

Each field is optional, and only the fields you specify will be updated.

Field nameTypeDescription
passwordstringUpdate the password, the password supplied will be hashed and stored.
usernamestringUpdate the username.
avatarstringMust be a base64 encoded image, if invalid it may be displayed incorrectly.
embedTitlestringUpdate the embed title used on OG tags
embedColorstringUpdate the embed color used on OG tags
embedSiteNamestringUpdate the embed site name used on OG tags
systemThemestringUpdate the user's theme, this will change the theme on the frontend, if a invalid theme is specified the frontend will default to the system theme.
domainsstring[]Update the user's domains. These domains are used to to provide random domains when uploading files.


Returns a user object.

Bad Request (JSON)

  • username is already taken - The username you are trying to use is already taken.
  • invalid domains - The domains you are trying to use are invalid. Extra fields: .invalidDomains
Last updated: 8/4/2023
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