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The user model is used to represent a user in the database.

Field NameTypeDescription
idnumberThe ID of the user
usernamestringThe username of the user
avatarstringA base64 encoded image of the users avatar
tokenstringThe users auth token
administratorbooleanIf the user is an administrator
superAdminbooleanIf the user is a super administrator
systemThemestringThe system theme of the user
embedTitlestringThe embed title of the user
embedColorstringThe embed color of the user
embedSiteNamestringThe embed site name of the user
ratelimitdateThe ratelimit of the user, if any
totpSecretstringThe TOTP secret of the user
domainsstring[]A list of domains
oautharrayA list of oauth providers


Field NameTypeDescription
idnumberAutogenerated ID (useless field honestly)
provideroauth-providerThe provider of the oauth
userIdnumberThe ID of the user
oauthIdstringThe ID of the oauth user, NOT zipling
usernamestringThe username of the oauth user, NOT zipline
tokenstringThe access_token
refreshstringThe refresh_token

Oauth Providers

Last updated: 8/4/2023
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