API Reference/api/auth/api/auth/oauth/api/auth/oauth/[provider]



Whenever there are errors, the response will redirect to the /oauth_error page. All responses on this page are based on if FEATURES_HEADLESS was set to true, therefore all responses will be JSON.

[provider] OAuth


Field NameTypeDescription
codestring?The OAuth code from [provider]


If there is no code present in the query, it will redirect to the providers OAuth link for the user to authenticate with.

Bad Request (JSON)

  • oauth registration is disabled - FEATURES_OAUTH_REGISTRATION is set to false, therefore you cannot access this resource.
  • [provider] OAuth is not configured - The provider you are trying to use is not configured correctly. Check the configuration page for more information.
  • invalid request - Unable to verify oauth request, the OAuth provider did not return a
  • no access_token in response - The OAuth provider did not return an access token.
  • no refresh_token in response - The OAuth provider did not return a refresh token (if applicable).
  • invalid user request - Unable to get user information from the OAuth provider.
Last updated: 8/4/2023
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