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Exiftool Metadata

This page documents how Zipline should handle metadata from Exiftool.


When uploading a file while EXIF_REMOVE_GPS is enabled, the response (if JSON), will contain the property removed_gps with a value of true or false. If true, the file had GPS data that was removed. If false, the file did not have GPS data.


Whether or not Exiftool metadata is enabled. If set to false, Exiftool metadata will not be available. If enabled, you can view metadata for each file by clicking on the image and clicking the "Metadata" button.



Whether or not to remove GPS data from Exiftool metadata. If set to true, GPS data will be removed from Exiftool metadata. If set to false, GPS data will be kept in Exiftool metadata.


This option will work whether or not EXIF_ENABLED is set to true.

Last updated: 8/4/2023
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