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Set User

This script allows you to modify any user in the database.

Supported Fields

  • username (string)
  • password (string -> will be hashed)
  • administrator (boolean)
  • token (string)
  • superAdmin (boolean)
  • systemTheme (string, may cause errors on invalid values)
  • embedTitle (string)
  • embedColor (string, hex)
  • embedSiteName (string)
  • ratelimit (Date, must be a JS resolvable date string)
  • domains (string[], must be a comma delimited string)



<something> = required property

docker compose exec zipline yarn scripts:set-user <user_id> <property> <value>


If no errors occured, then the script will return with a simple message with what has been changed.

... scripts:set-user 17 administrator true -> Updated user 17 with administrator = true

If setting a password, the password supplied will be hashed and then stored.

... scripts:set-user 17 password test -> Updated user 17 with password = ***

If setting a users domains, it must be a comma delimited string.

... scripts:set-user 17 domains, -> Updated user 17 with domains =,]

Last updated: 8/4/2023
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